Definition /def-uh-nish-uhn/

[/’sIl.i/] Adjective.

(Used to describe a person or their behaviour.)

1. Pleasantly lighthearted; frolicsome.

2. Purposeful; environmentally conscientious.

Antonym: Cerious.

Not only is Cillie an imaginary adjective, but also it doubles as a home brand! Founded by fashion designer, Yael, Cillie fuses purposeful, transparent design with a playful, carefree spirit.

Aimed at bringing identity and individuality to the home, Yael's designs are heavily influenced by her background in fashion. She hopes to bring the same impulse for self-expression found in dressing oneself into home decoration.

Implementing radical transparency into the brand’s ethos, Cillie creates a space for those to playfully decorate their home while removing the guesswork from production practices. All supply chain details are readily available, without the sugar coating.

Yael tries very hard to be carefully careless and she hopes that Cillie strikes the right balance.